Helping community for good health & Education


Join us to take forward the works of  SRI SRI SAINT KHAGENDRA NATH SATPATHY JI (Khaga Babaji) for the welfare of the community


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Omkar Gadi

How We Got Started

SRI SRI SAINT KHAGENDRA SATPATHY (Khaga Babaji) was resident of village Rudrapur Shasan, Post Bachipur, Basudevpur, Distt. Bhadrakh, Orissa. His wife’s name was Mrs. Parbati Satpathy.

At the age of 30 he decided to renounce the world. Taking Sanyaas, he went to the Himalaya. After 5 years he went back to his village and started lot of welfare services in his Ashram which is situated on the 12 KM milestone on the road connecting Markona to Bekamudi.

At the age of 52, the great soul renounced the world and merged with the almighty.

Omkar Gadi Foundation was set up in 2017 by Amitansu Satpathy,  Grandson of SRI SRI SAINT KHAGENDRA SATPATHY (Khaga Baba ji) to take forward his work for the larger welfare of the community in the areas of Health, Education and Skill Development by providing financial assistance.


Our Mission

Provide all help and opportunity to community members to lead a healthy, dignified and financially secure life

Glimpses of the Ashram

Glimpses of the Work Done

Our Programs

A healthy, educated and financially secure community is the foundation of a healthy, educated and financially independent nation. Our programs are designed to fullfill these aspirations of the community members.

Community Education


Free remedial classes for students at our Ashram with qualified teachers to help them complete homework and keep abreast with classwork


Health checkup at dispensaries operated by the Foundation and free distribution of generic medicines to help those who can’t afford medical expenses 

Community Skill Development

Skill Development

Skill development  at centers run by the Foundation in varied disciplines to help unskilled workers find gainful employment and earn dignified living

Help Community Health & Education

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